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Pa'u Skirts - Hula Skirts

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Pa'u Skirts

What You Should Know About Pa'u Skirts.

There is something unique about pa'u skirts. Actually, they are correctly and famously referred to as "Pa'u Hula Skirts". Pa'u is Hawaii language for skirt. Hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance performed by women. The term "Pa'u Hula" is therefore loosely translated to "dance skirt".

The Hawaiian dance skirt is made of two panels of fabric measuring anywhere from four yards to twelve yards. The quality of skirts range from cheap to expensive. The cheapest skirts are produced mechanically in a clothing factory. The quality of mechanically produced skirts is low to average. On the other hand, high quality skirts are handmade and expensive. They are made of authentic material with intricate designs. High quality Hawaiian print fabric is used to make the skirts. The material consists of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

pa'u skirts

The waist is made of elastic to make the skirt comfortable for dancing. Three or more rows of elastic are used to make the waist bend and you can choose between adjustable elastic and unadjustable elastic. The average length of the skirt is about 29 inches, with the hem of the skirt almost touching the calf. You will find the skirt at most shops in the USA and Hawaii. International shops in Japan, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Phillipines and Singapore also sell the Pa'u skirt.

If you are a tourist, you can find this skirt at one of the tourist shops. The price of the skirt ranges from $40 to $60. The price depends on the quality of the skirt, that is the material used, and the method of manufacture. The skirts come in many colours such as red, pink, blue, purple, navy and white.

The skirt is especially made for the Hula dancer. It is the classic skirt of the Hawaiian tradition derived from the ancient hula style. There are many variations of the skirt. The most common skirts are made of bright coloured polyester and cotton. However, you can find skirts made of prints. Factory prints include the calico print and other types of prints. A designer may make handmade prints on the borderline of the skirt, usually at the hem.

Designers can make hundreds of themes for Pa'u Hula skirts. Many styles for waistbands are also available. The waist can be made of five rows, four rows, three rows or even one row. Instead of using elastic for the waist, some stylists prefer cords. A single row waist consists of a casing for inserting a cord which runs around the waistband and that can be tied at the front or side. Designers can also make several rows of casings with two or more lines of cords. If you are shopping, you must know the styles, so that you can decide which one is suitable. Elastic waists can have more than five rows. It all depends on the designer. 

You cannot talk about the Pa'u skirt without knowing the Hula dance and its origins. Hula dancers not only wear the Pa'u skirt, but they also dorn themselves with exotic necklaces, anklets, bracelets and headpieces. The original dance involved beautiful women dancing topless. The Hula dance was invented by native Polynesians who inhabited the island in the earliest times.

The dance involves people chanting and the dancers responding to the chant. The hula dance practiced by the original settlers is known as "kahiko". When European settlers arrived in Hawaii in the 19th century, the dance was modified. Modern hula after the arrival of European settlers is called "auana". Many things have been integrated in the modern hula. The modern dance is not only accompanied by a chant, but it includes guitars, double basses and other instruments.

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