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Hula Dance Tricks

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hula dance

Hula Dance Tricks

The Hula dance is a dance native to the Hawaiian Islands. It is normally accompanied by a chant or song. It was introduced by the Polynesians who originally settled there. The dance is accompanied by a chant called a “mele”. The Hula dance has many types, but there are only two major ones: the Kahiko or the ancient Hula, which was performed for western guests, and the ‘auana, which is basically a western variation of the dance that came out in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Kahiko is accompanied by a chant and traditional instruments, whereas the ‘auana is accompanied by western-influenced musical instruments. The main purpose of the Hula dance is to give meaning to each move.

hula dance

It is believed that the Hula dance intertwines the dancers to the spirits of the universe. It is said to unify the dancers with nature. The Hula dance is essentially a meditative form of dance. Hula dancing can be easy when done the right way. If you plan to learn how to do this dance, it is probably best to hire someone to teach you. Some people even go to Hawaii just to learn this dance. Below are five tricks to make it easier to learn the Hula dance:

  1. Read up on the origins of the dance. It is important to know the origins of the dance in order to understand the concept. The Hula dance is more than just a dance, it is representative of how connected the natives of Hawaii are to the universe.
  2. Look up on instructional videos online, or you can look up on listings of dance schools that teach the Hula dance. It would be easier if you enrolled in a dancing school as it is always easier to learn a dance when there is a hands-on instructor.
  3. Once you find a dance school that you can enroll in, ask the instructor the following important questions: ask how long they have been teaching the dance and how many students they currently have and have had in the past. It is also important to ask if they are capable of translating the mele to you.
  4. Learn about the “mele”. One of the most important aspects of the hula dance is the chant or song that it is accompanied with. Learn what the songs mean, so that when you go hula dancing you can meditate properly. Although there are some people who just dance the Hula for fun, trying to understand the culture and meaning behind the dance might help you learn it easier.
  5. Do not be afraid to show your moves. The Hula dance is a very meditative form of dance. While there are many types, most of them involve swaying your hips gently. It is important to obtain the rhythm of the hip movement.

The Hula dance is a fun and entertaining way to meditate. It is both a cultural and religious experience for the natives of Hawaii, because they used to dance this to honor their goddess “Laka”. Learning the Hula can be easy or hard depending on how fast you can learn, so don’t forget to read up on its background and watch some instrurctional videos, because this may help a lot in speeding up the learning process. 

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