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Become A Hula Dancer

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How To Become A Hula Dancer In Hawaii

The Hula dance has a rich background in Hawaiian culture. Many theories about the beginning of the Hula dance exist, being almost impossible to actually pinpoint which one is the real one. But aside from its conception, its influence on culture in the past and present is what’s most important. Hula dancers are known for their beauty, style and grace. They’ve become a symbol for sensuality and Hawaiian culture in general.

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But you don’t have to be a native to dance the Hula. Lessons are being offered all over the world, mostly by real Hawaiian Hula dancers who wish to share this beautiful art with people from other nations and cultures. If you’re interested in pursuing this art form as something you want to do professionally, there are a number of things that you can do to bring this dream into reality.

  1. Learn How To Hula Dance

    Logically, if you want to become a Hula dancer in Hawaii, you first have to learn how to do the Hula. If you cannot afford or do not have access to a studio that teaches this dance form, here are a few basic steps that you can practice on your own.

    The Kaholo step - start by standing with your feet together and toes facing forward, knees a little bent. Take a step to the right, and make your left foot follow it. Your ending position must be how you first started out. Repeat the action that you just did. After repeating it twice, do the same except going to the left side instead. This is the most basic Hula step.

    Ka ‘ o step - Begin in the same position as the Kaholo step. Step to the right so that you feet will be a shoulder’s width apart. Bring your left foot the right side, bringing in your left heel to touch your right ankle. Your left foot toes must be in a 45 degree angle to your right foot toes.

    These are only a few basic steps. You can pair them together with some arm movements such as the Hula motion and the coconut tree motion. It is advisable that you get a professional to teach you the more advanced steps.
  2. Make The Right Connections

    For you to become a Hula Dancer, you need to know other Hula Dancers. This is the advantage of going to a proper Hula dance school. Once you get good at the dance form, you can express your wishes to become a real Hula dancer in Hawaii. Having the right connections will make this more possible.
  3. Go To Hawaii!

    Once you’ve gotten good at the Hula dance, and once you’ve made all the right connections, the only thing left to do is to go to Hawaii. If you are truly committed to becoming a Hula Dancer in Hawaii, then this is the biggest and most life changing step that you can take. You’re probably going to have to leave behind some friends and your old life in your own country, but if becoming a real Hula Dancer is really your dream, then this is going to be truly worth it.


by Hula Jack -

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