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Hula Dance Lesson Benefits

Here’s the scenario: you wanted to learn the Hula Dance so you decidedly enrolled yourself in Hula Dance Lessons because you just find the dance quite interesting, breathtaking and beautiful. You consider Hula as an art.

As an old adage goes, “only the ignorant are easily impressed.” With your brave move to enlist yourself in one of the most popular Hula Dance Lessons there is, you won’t be ignorant for too long now. Knowledge ultimately erases ignorance and fear.

hula dance

Below are the simple and basic skills that you can learn on almost a majority of Hula Dance Lessons and some of the most common terms you might want to learn just before you could do the breath-taking Hula Shake Dance.

To learn the concept of Hula Dance, you must first try to break it down into several parts. This is the reason why in almost all Hula Dance Lessons Classes, the trainer will initially train you to learn the basic Hula hand and foot movements before they expose you to the real artistic movements of the Hula Dance.

The basics of Hula Dance Lessons include rhythmic training of hand and feet motions as well as the right posture until the movements become natural for you.

The list below is the four Hula foot steps that is comprehensively described which are important movements that you should master in order your for to be victorious in learning the Hula dance.


This Hula Dance step is more commonly known as “vamp” step. It basically starts with you, standing straight and tall while your heels are together. While using your right foot, make a step towards your right and let your left foot follow. This is a step that is repeated two steps towards the right and is done on 4 counts. Repeat the same steps on your left side and complete a set of kaholo.  Repeat the steps over and over until you notice and feel that your body is smoothly gliding and flowing.


This Hula steps commences with bent knees, heels together with both your toes making a 45 degree angle. Your feet should form a letter “V”.  Then, transfer your body weight on your left hip while stretching your right leg forward until you end up with a position with your toes pointing into the 45 degree angle again. Return your right leg into its original position, and transfer your weight to the opposite foot and hip, then extend your other leg and point it forward. If you feel that your legs are already burning after doing several sets of repetitive Hela, then you’re on the right track.


Beginning with the same original position similar to Hela, raise your right foot while shifting your body weight onto your left hip and foot. Then, lower your right foot, shifting your weight onto your other side and foot. Raise your heels and push both your knees forward while your hips are swaying. Repeat the steps on your other leg.

By simply observing, studying and practicing these sets of basic Hula hand and foot works, you will be on your way to learning how to shake and sway to the Hula music.  

by Hula Jack -

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