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Lion King Hula Dance

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How To Do The Lion King Hula Dance

Lion King is one of the most popular Disney animated films that have been patronized worldwide. Aside from its dramatic yet perky mood exemplified by the characters, the film is mostly commended for its numerous musical and dance numbers which star all its major and secondary characters.

lion king hula dance

The film commences with the dramatic and ceremonial turnover of the kingship of Mufasa to his newly born son, Simba. The start of Lion King already showcases the grand array of musical and enjoyable scenes that will greatly impact and make every audience dance to its tunes.

Two of the most memorable characters which have made a remarkable appearance in both of the film’s installments are the playful and witty characters of Timon and Pumba. What made them even funnier and appealing to kids is their prominent Lion King Hula Dance that was performed by Timon.

Timon and Pumba were essentially adventurous animals who spend most of their time walking in the woods, far from the Pride Lands where great predators usually thrive. Timon was essentially more inclined to creating amusements which include songs and the well-known Lion King Hula Dance.

The Lion King Hula Dance antics were primarily enjoyable due to the fact that the dance itself was performed by a miniature meerkat and wart-hog. The Lion King Hula Dance displays crazy but funny jungle animals who dress in Hula outfits while wiggling their hips and butts. The Lion King Hula Dance was made even livelier with the accompaniment of other animals that play different percussion instruments, useful in producing wonderful Hula music.

As everyone knows, Timon and Pumba both played a great role in honing the future king of Pridelands, which is Simba. In that particular scene where the Lion King Hula Dance was performed, Simba was also seen disguised as a Hula dancer.

The Lion King Hula Dance, although a bit off compared to the real Hula Dance steps, is considered a great attempt at displaying an animated version of the famous dance. The Lion King Hula Dance is considered a whimsical scene that ultimately celebrates life and true happiness.
The song which was sung by Timon during the Lion King Hula Dance was also playful as well as it revealed the simple life of a wart-hog, which was played by Pumba. There were also several actions that displayed the attempts of Pumba to follow the quick and artistic steps of Timon while dancing the Lion King Hula Dance.

The Lion King Hula Dance is a perfect example of a Hula dance that is portrayed in an animated film. This just proves that Hula Dance is a famous dance routine commonly patronized by people who are into music and dancing. Clearly, Timon had been successful in executing the basic Hula dance steps, such as the movement of his hands and feet and the shaking of his hips from side to side. Aside from that, he was successful in incorporating the basic costume that is required for a Hula Dance execution---the grass skirt, a flower on his ear and a floral necklace and bracelet.

The Lion King Hula Dance is indeed an exceptional adaptation of the real Hula Dance.  

by Hula Jack -

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