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How To Make Hula Skirts

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How To Make Hula Skirts

What lady wouldn't love a Hula skirt, rather it may be for Halloween, dance party, theme party, summer pool party or just because Hula skirts can be fun and easy to make for any occasion. How to Make Hula Skirts is what throughs some people off. All of the items that you need to make a Hula skirt are very inexpensive and the resulting skirt would be a great thing to create for a party.

The items that you need to purchase are waist bands ,any will do such as elastic or Velcro. Velcro normally works the best because you have the ability to take the skirt off or on easier and faster than elastic. You will also need to purchase raffia which can be purchased at any craft store and sometimes can be found in retail stores.  If you are unable to find raffia then you can purchase some online or use paper bags and cut them into strands of the desired length.

Raffia is inexpensive and comes in bags full. The next step in the process is to measure the waist band of the person that will be wearing the skirt and length from waist to ankles.  This is typically the length that a traditional hula skirt would be. For a small girl or child the average length or height of each strand of raffia is 28".

how to make hula skirts

If you are going to be wearing this for a long period of time or put a fair amount of strain on it, then you may want to sew your strands on, but most people go the easy route and just use glue. Another method of adhering the raffia strands is by tying the strips into place.  All are still very easy but will still take some practice and time. If you use the tie method you will need to lie the waist band on the table and then wrap the raffia around the band and tie it into place using a slipknot  All of this will keep the raffia in place as need be. 

The glue method is easier but still can be time consuming.  After measuring the waist band and cutting the raffia to desired lengths, lie a band of glue onto the waist band and then adhere the raffia on the band. A simple quick technique to this method is to lie something flat onto the band overnight or for a few hours so it can dry. Another option which is time consuming but will allow you to keep your hula skirt for a much longer time is by sewing the strips into place.

You will need to cut the waist band to the desired length as well as the raffia.  Lie it all out and then sew the raffia into place on the band.  You can do the pieces individually or in one long strand. Each way as described is a very effective way to make a hula skirt.  It is a little time consuming but very inexpensive and allows for hours of hula dancing fun!

by Hula Jack -

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