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hula dance

Hula Dance Moves

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The Hula has changed since it began hundreds of years ago, but it still has a close connection to nature. The movements mimic ocean waves and the sway of palm trees. It is one of the most beautiful dances to watch and perform.

This Hula dance is done to the count of four, the feet should be bare and practice should be done to the flow and rhythm of the appropriate hula music.

The moves are broken up so you can get each part down before combining them.

First, a few basic tips:
Don't move your shoulders.
Follow your hand and arm movements with your eyes and smile!

The Arm and Hand Movements

Extend your right arm to the right at shoulder height. Keep elbow relaxed. Your fingers should be held straight, touching each other lightly. Place your left hand on your hip with your fingertips pointing toward the floor.

At count 1, raise your right wrist upwards, pointing fingers down, then lower the wrist, pointed fingers up. This represents ocean waves.

At count 2, make the same movements with your hand and wrist but bend your elbow in so your forearm and hand is about halfway to your chest.

At count 3, make the same movements with your hand and wrist but move your forearm and hand closer to your chest without actually touching.

At count 4, place your right hand on your hip with your fingertips pointing toward the floor. Bring your left arm up as done with your right. Repeat the same movements. Your left hand will be dropped to the hip at the four count.

Practice the hand and arm movements until you are comfortable, then try the dance moves for the lower body. 

Knees and Feet Movements

Stand upright with your feet approximately 4 inches apart. Bend your knees slightly and raise your heels off the floor an inch or two. Your weight will be balanced on the balls of your feet.

Count 1 - Side-step right with your right foot, keeping your heel up and body balanced on the ball of your foot.

Count 2 - Bring your left foot over with the same foot positioning.

Count 3 - Repeat step one. This will be the second step to the right.

Do counts 1 through 3, this time to the left.

Practice until the moves flow and become second nature to do them. When you no longer have to concentrate, move on to the next movements.


Gently sway your hips to the music:

Count 1 - Sway hip to the right
Count 2 - Sway hip to the left
Count 3 - Sway hip to the right
Count 4 - Sway hip to the left

Your hip movements should be rhythmic and slow. Never jerk them back and forth. The beauty of the Hula rests mainly in the flow of the hips.

Practice swaying your hips until you are comfortable.

Now, you can combine arm and hand movements with hip and feet movements for a true Hula dance!

Here's a great video demonstration of how to hula effectively...


by Hula Jack -

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