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How To Hula Dance

hula dance

Are you ready to learn the fun art of Hula Dancing?

If you're looking to learn how to hula dance then you've made it to the best destination for learning how on the Internet!

You will find a selection of articles accompanied by video in this section that you can use in your quest to learn how to dance the hula.

Don't worry, these are much easier articles than you've probably found on the Internet and contained dances that make learning very simple.

You'll find basic steps all the way to routines matched up to one of the most classic Hula Dancing songs of all time.

Best of all, you will also find video sprinkled throughout the articles that help you visualize the hula as it's danced traditionally.  These videos are meant more as an accompaniement to show you the fluid motion of the hula dance.

The inforamtion in this section gives you all of the skills and guidance that you need to be dancing the hula in no time.

If you're ready for a fun filled afternoon, open one of the articles below and get started right now.

You'll see the descriptions of each article below so you can make a choice that goes with the skill level that you're at right now.  We've numbered each of the dances in what we believe are the easiest sequence to go in.

So if you're just getting started, try Hula Dance 1 for an easy to follow sequence to get you started.  After that, move on to the next dances to step up your skill level a bit.

You may have noticed that there are several other articles on this site about varios things such as the culture of the hula dance as well as hula dancing events listed that take place in Hawaii.  Make sure to take a look at these things because they will broaden your knowledge of the Hula Dance and give you more of a connection to the spirt of Hula.

Hula is something that's lived and felt rather than just danced as you'll learn in many of the article on this site.  The dancing portion is just the visual expression of the feeling inside.  I reccomend that you check out the Introduction or History article to get started.  

Hula Dance