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Hula Dance Events

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Hula Dance Events

Annual Fun on the culturally Rich Islands of Hawaii

If you are planning to visit exotic Hawaii and would like to experience some of the culture of this beautiful state, plan to attend one of their annual events celebrating the hula dance and culture of the Polynesian people! Take classes in ancient or modern hula, learn to make leis, gain insight into the history of the Hawaiian hula culture and enjoy delectable Hawaiian dishes at one of the exciting festivals celebrating hula.

Here is just a small taste of what you can expect at live Hula events...

In April of 2008, the 45th Annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival was held in Hilo, Hawaii. It is an annual event, so don't worry - you can be there next year! This festival honors King David Kalakaua, who brought Hula back from subversion in the late 1800's. He was known as the "Merrie Monarch" because of his pleasant, fun-loving personality. Since 1963, hundreds to thousands of people have gathered to celebrate, compete and watch the grand parade! There are ancient and modern hula competitions for groups and the Miss Aloha Hula competition for solo dancers. The festival is meant to preserve and promote the culture of Hula. This is one of the biggest Hula festivals. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, why not plan it to include the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival? Don't miss this spectacular festival of music and dance!

Held in March, the Tahiti Nui International sponsors the Annual Heiva I Honolulu. This competition has been around since 2002. It isn't all about competition - their are participation events such as a craft fair, weaving and games.

July 17 -19 2008
This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the Queen Lili'uokalani Keiki Hula Competition. Starting out as just one event at a festival and pageant, it is now a stand-alone event. This competition features the children of Hula. Twenty-five schools of Hula (halau) participate in this competition. Hundreds of talented children start out their competitive career at this event.
Promoted by the Kalihi-Palama Culture and Arts Society.
For more information, visit their site at:
or call (808) 521-6905

July 19, 2008 9am - 4pm
The 31st Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival at Moanalua Gardens.
This festival was founded by Nalani Olds as a way of expressing the culture of Hawaii through the Hula. She was supported by her husband and a handful of others that she sought out. Read more about the festival's history and events at:
Phone: (808) 839-5334

November 13 - 15, 2008 - Want to know MORE about Hula?
The 2008 International Waikiki Hula Conference in Honolulu.
The conference is held at the Hawaii Convention Center. This conference offers visitors more than just the ability to watch Hula - There are 128 classes offered for those who would like to learn more about the culture of Hula. Topics include: lei-making, chant, Hawaiian language, music, history, costume and both modern AND ancient dance. The fee is $350 for three days of cultural and educational enrichment.

There are more events held throughout the year. To find information on these and other cultural hula events held in Hawaii, visit  and have a look at their calendar.

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