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Hula Dancing Luaus - The Top 5

Hawaiian vacations are never complete without visiting a Hawaiian Luau. This is the best place to start upon arrival in Hawaii, as this best captures the Hawaiian spirit. Hawaiian Luaus are very fun and memorable, as there are a wide variety of luaus that can be found in the country.

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Hawaiian Luaus will include music, drinks, food, dancing, and entertainment. One of the highlights of the Hawaiian Luaus is the Imu ceremony. During the Imu ceremony, the Kalua pig, which is usually the evening’s main course, is taken out of the underground oven. The foods served in the Hawaiian Luaus are definitely top-of-the-line. Aside from the food, you get great value for your entertainment with the hula dancing activities that are offered by famous Hawaiian Luaus. The hula dancing shows are best enjoyed when there are several people who do not have first-hand experience with hula dancing entertainment.

If you are just new to Hawaii, below are the lists of the top five Hawaiian luaus that offer a hula dancing show:

  1. Polynesian Cultural Center

    The Polynesian Cultural Center is one of the top Hawaiian Luaus and is situated in the island of Oahu. There is an exclusive Rainbows of Paradise canoe pageant which exemplifies exceptional beauty and art. There is also the trademark award-winning Ali’i Lu’au dinner and show that showcases a large variety of meals and exceptional dishes. Aside from that, you can watch the exclusive “Ha Breath of Life” play which casts more than a hundred performers. There is also a spectacular night show to occupy your first nights in the foreign island.

  2. Smith’s Tropical Paradise Luau in Hyatt Regency Hotel

    This is located in along the exquisite Wailu River that has a rich and beautiful garden. Most visitors arrive early in this luau to stroll the pathways where there are lagoons filled with fish, exotic peacocks and “singing tree ducks” which are considered endangered. There are also over 20 types of fruits available in the orchard. The Smith’s Tropical Paradise holds the traditional Imu ceremony, wherein the pig is unearthed on an underground oven.

  3. Big Island - Waikoloa Marriott Royal Luau

    It is set in the beautiful location of ancient Hawaiian fishponds and against the backdrop of the Anaehoomalu Bay. There are acclaimed musicians, dancers and drummers that present never-before-seen Hawaiian dances that are sure to excite travellers and foreigners.

  4. Paradise Cove Luau

    They offer the best pre-dinner activities and entertainment, and they also offer the most interesting Imu ceremony. The hula dancing shows are very engaging and fun to watch, and are sure to give travellers are really good time during the nights.

  5. Feast at Lele

    They offer one of the best menus in all of the Hawaiian Luaus. Aside from that, their shows are exceptional and provide utmost entertainment. The hula dancing shows are especially fun and are sure to provide quality time to all viewers and enthusiasts.


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