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How to do the Pearly Shells Hula Dance

Hula dancing is an ancient Hawaiian dance whose main purpose is to convey meaning through movements. What Hula dances can do is to intertwine the performers with the spirits of the universe by unifying themselves with the spirits of nature.

Hula dances can be very entertaining and make for a good recreational hobby. Like belly dancing, hula dancing uses the body’s flexibility in order to perform all the movements correctly and effectively. The most famous Hula dance is the Pearly Shells Hula dance, which is in tune with the Hawaiian song Pupu A O Ewa. The Pearly Shells Hula dance covers a majority of the hula dance steps, such that when one says something about the Hula dance, the Pearly Shells Hula dance will be the first to come to mind.

pearly shells hula dance

Learning the Pearly Shells Hula dance can be quite easy if you know where to start. Below is a guide that will help you learn the steps of the Pearly Shells Hula dance:

  1. Like all major dance steps, you will need a full length mirror wherein you can see your movements clearly to be able to correct mistakes instantly. You also need a sense of rhythm as well as grace and sensuality.
  2. To start with the Hula dance, find a comfortable surface to stand in. This is so that you wouldn’t be misbalanced. Always start with bare feet.
  3. Place your feet at least 4 inches apart. After this, bend your knees and put your hands in your hips.
  4. After this, try to step another 4 inches to your right using your right foot.
  5. Bring your left foot following your right without sliding it.
  6. After this, bring your right foot again 4 inches to your right. Then let your left foot follow the right foot. Stand with your left foot tapping the ground.
  7. Switch directions after, leading with your left foot stepping 4 inches to your left and letting the right foot follow.
  8. Then, step another 4 inches to your left and stand with your right foot tapping the ground.
  9. As you step to the right, lower your foot, toe-heel, and then lift your hip. Repeat using your left foot and hip.
  10. Alternately let your hip sway right and left to the right.
  11. Do this again; and this time, use your left foot and move towards your left, alternately swaying the hips left and right. Remember to keep your knees bent as this will make your hips sway easily.
  12. The next step is to bend your left arm so that your left hand is in front of the left side of your chest. Palm should be faced down and fingers kept together.
  13. Extend your right arm on the side of your body at shoulder level while keeping your elbows slightly bent. Palm should still be faced down and fingers kept together.
  14. Bend your elbows and wrists so they are swaying in a wave motion as you move to the right while swaying your hips.
  15. Then switch positions. Bend your right elbow and extend your left arm and do the same while moving to your left.

by Hula Jack -

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